City’s roots key to recovery

On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in San Patricio, Nueces, and Aransas counties, bringing devastating Category 4 winds that caused massive destruction to our coastal communities. The towns of Aransas Pass, Ingleside and Ingleside on the Bay faced considerable damage in the wake of this massive storm. Whether you saw photos of the storm’s aftermath in the newspaper, on TV, on social media, or witnessed it in person, I’m sure you shared the same reactions I had- disbelief and heartbreak. Having been a resident of Aransas Pass since 1978, I have come to consider it my hometown. Seeing the town and its neighboring communities ravaged by such a powerful hurricane is something I hoped I would never see.

It didn’t take long for my disbelief and heartbreak to turn into hope and gratitude. Almost immediately after the storm, our citizens began their effort to clear the debris and rebuild their lives. Help rolled in from a multitude of sources- neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, and even stranger to stranger. People all over the state and country began calling for monetary supplies and donations and the relief started pouring in. The National Guard began handing out hot meals to residents stranded without water or power. Local law enforcement branches worked tirelessly to keep people and property safe. Hundreds of AEP trucks filled the streets to restore power. It would be impossible to list all of the amazing examples of people coming together to help one another in such a trying time.

Whether you are new to our community, have lived here all of your life, or spent some time here and have since moved away, you know what strong and special people we are. I am reminded of an old saying, “When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.” Our towns have been here for generations and although the wind has dealt many of us a serious blow, we will come back stronger and better than before. Look around at the unbelievable kindness of not only our local residents, but the volunteers from all over the country who graciously visited our communities to help us in our time of need. It will take more than a Category 4 storm to defeat our spirit.

For our Sept. 6 edition, we produced this four-page section inside the Progress and Index dedicated to Hurricane Harvey coverage. If you have news items or pictures you would like to share, please send them to

As the publisher of the paper, member of both the Aransas Pass and Ingleside Chambers of Commerce, and as a resident of this wonderful community, I want to see our local businesses rebuild and thrive once again. Please contact me at or 361-557-0651 if I can help you promote your business in our newspapers.

The Aransas Pass Progress has been your hometown newspaper since 1909. The Ingleside Index has been in operation since 1953. We will continue to be here for you in the days and months to come as businesses and homes are rebuilt. Our thoughts and prayers are with those in our community and the people all over Texas who have been impacted by this terrible storm. We have already begun to repair our offices and will continue to operate from other locations until we can reopen our doors. The winds were strong, but our roots are deep.


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