Dehydration is never fun for anyone

My backyard is a plant graveyard. Empty flowerpots line the back wall of my home. Plants come to my house to die.

It’s not on purpose, mind you. We always have the best of intentions. We love the idea of having live plants in our home. Green foliage, vibrant flowers, even sweet smelling herbs have been welcomed joyously into our house, only to suffer an ignominious death.

The cause of death for every single plant in our plant graveyard is the same – dehydration. We simply forget to water them. We get busy. We figure somebody else is doing it. And before you know it, another pot is placed in the graveyard.

The Bible often compares our faith to different kinds of plants – trees, wheat, even mustard plants. What is true about all of those plants is also true of our faith. It needs to be watered regularly.

Faith is trust in God’s promises. Faith is trusting God’s promises even when we can’t see or understand how.

Faith is hard.

That’s why faith needs to be watered regularly. We need to hear and be reminded of God’s promises often. That’s why we go to church.

We don’t go to church to show off. We don’t go to church simply to do our duty. We don’t go to church in order to earn God’s love or heaven.

We go to church because that is where God waters our faith. As we hear his Word and receive his Sacraments, God showers us with his promises. “You are forgiven.” “I am with you always.” “I will bless and keep you.”

Through his promises God feeds our roots. He refreshes us. He strengthens our faith.

The problem is that we so often forget to water our faith. We get busy. We get out of the habit of going to church regularly because of work and summer vacations. Sunday is the only day we have to mow the yard, do the laundry or sleep in.

We tell ourselves our faith can handle a few weeks without watering. We tell ourselves we’ll water it later. We’ll get back to church eventually.

We often don’t even notice as our roots grow weak and our leaves wither for lack of hydration. Then, when the hot Texas sun of troubles, trials and temptations beats down on us, we struggle to stay strong.

Plants need to be watered. That is a lesson I am still trying to remember in my home.

Faith needs to be watered too. That’s a lesson we all need to remember. If you’ve gotten out of the habit of going to church, if you’ve forgotten about it for a while, if you only go every so often, get back. Find a church if you don’t already have one. Go to church every Sunday you can. Open up your Bible and read it during the week.

Water your faith regularly.


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