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Aransas Queen Under New Management

The Aransas Queen Casino new management is making strides to be involved in the community and improving the overall experience.

New General Manager Michael Radigan took over in July when the leasing company asked him if he would come back into the casino business to operate the Aransas Queen. The previous management was not able to keep up the lease according to Radigan.

Radigan listed focuses he plans to incorporate for the Aransas Queen. The first focus he shared is cleanliness and appearance of the vessel. The vessel will be repainted, and the project will be finished by the first of September. The new paint job will include the new logo on the side as well as white and black paint with red stripes. Upgrades will also be completed on the outside deck including new picnic tables and couches. “We feel the vessel redesign and inside area improvements will be more inviting to guests,” Radigan said. The Aransas Queen is closed on Mondays now. “We took Mondays off the schedule to keep the vessel in top shape and for any maintenance needed to be completed,” Radigan said.

Another focus Radigan shared involves improving the overall experience for visitors on the Aransas Queen. He said they will be adding Texas Hold’em and a few other poker based games. “We want a better mix of tables,” Radigan said. “We want to make sure people believe they got a good value for their money and make this an entertainment place for people.”

Director of Marketing D.B. Cooper and Radigan each expressed how they are going to go above and beyond to inform people of the sea conditions before boarding the vessel. “If it’s rough, we’re going to tell you,” Cooper said. “If it’s nice, we’re going to tell you, and then you can make a decision.” Radigan went on to say seasick bands are being ordered and will be given out for free as well as Dramamine.

The last focus Radigan talked about included being involved in the community. The first community aspect the new management put into place is Local’s Night. Local’s Night happens each Thursday and includes boarding specials, food specials and free Blackjack Tournament. Aransas Queen has become sponsors for VFW Market Days, Hotties on the Harbor and Coastal Bend Custom and Classic Car Show. The Aransas Queen Casino is also a new member of the Aransas Pass Chamber. “We want to help sponsor local events and join in on all the fun,” Cooper said. August is free military month on the Aransas Queen.

Radigan mentioned the staff has connected with local businesses for the new logo/decals, new t-shirts and printing jobs. “We want to participate in promoting Aransas Pass,” Radigan said. “We’re helping them by helping us and working together to make this a happening community.”

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