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PD receives kudos from County, District Attornies

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Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 9:15 am

San Patricio County Attorney David Aken surprised Aransas Pass city council members on Monday, Sept. 17, when he closed the meeting by telling them he and District Attorney Patrick Flanagan are impressed with the Aransas Pass Police Department.

Aken hadn’t made an appointment to be on the agenda, speaking instead at the end of the meeting during a period set aside for public comments.

“It’s good to be here and not be asking for something,” Aken joked to begin, but then turned more serious.

“Y’all don’t see all the little things about a (police) department that I do up in (the county seat of) Sinton – all the reports and answers to requests and little things like that … The whole department now is just doing great,” he said.

Aken’s comments came on the heels of the firing of long-time criminal investigation division commander Capt. Roberto Gonzales on Aug. 17 after Flanagan reportedly complained to Police Chief Eric Blanchard of mismanagement of evidence and reports in the department.

Another officer, Steven Anderson, also has been fired after Assistant Police Chief Jesse Leal said he admitted to inappropriate threats against a woman’s boyfriend and to sending inappropriate text messages to her. Leal conducted the investigation into the complaints against Anderson.

But Aken seemed to put those incidents in the past when he spoke to the council.

“I shared with the district attorney that I was going to come tell you about it, because you don’t get people coming from Sinton to tell you good news very often,” he said.

He said Flanagan wasn’t able to appear with him, but that “he demanded that I tell you that he’s in absolute agreement with everything I’ve said.”

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  • Duckman posted at 1:49 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    Duckman Posts: 23

    To mthompson and JerryMouse, how right you both are. Mr. Thompson, I remember you from years ago when I first moved here, there was some trouble and you came along and go it settled. It was settled without any threatening, lying, or any of the now famous Aransas Pass Police tactics that have bee used since Jones was made chief.
    Thank you, Mr. Thomspon for dong the kind of work you did while you were here in Aransas Pass, I hope you are happy where ever you are and that yoyu are still helping people.

    JerryMouse Jones is are just a history in Aransas Pass now. he has gone into a socalled retirement, which actually eans he got his pockets fuoll of tax payers money when he left. Haines is still there and waiting his turn to fill his pockets as well.

    The greedy and unjust will be given punishment when they meet their maker. They will not be given special treatment as they have been here in Aransas Pass.

  • mthompson posted at 10:28 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

    mthompson Posts: 8

    I keep hearing about longtime Capt. of CID Robert Gonzalez and things he did or didn't do. I am not personally aware of what he did or didn't do and I don't care. Long time Capt. ? Capt. 6 yrs. is long time ? He did work there a long time but not as Capt. I had over 23 yrs. as Capt. of CID before certain PD employees padded their pockets with retirement packages and promotion to Chief before anyone else in the Dept. knew anything was happening, but thats another story. And there was another Capt. not in CID that had more time than I as Capt. but thats his story. We were both pushed out of APPD.
    As for Jones retiring, I heard from someone who was in a position to know several months prior to his " retirement " that Jones was asked to leave and he asked to stay until Feb. which he was allowed to do. By the way in his " retirement story in Progress he was described as long time Chief, 7 yrs. makes you long time Chief ?? If so I'm LONG TIME GONE and glad of it.

  • JerryMouse posted at 2:36 pm on Thu, Sep 27, 2012.

    JerryMouse Posts: 2

    It's amazing what can get done after Jones and Haines are gone. The only bad thing about Jones leaving was it said "retired" and not "fired" like it should have. Haines is a much better BS artist than Jones was so he's still hanging on at the city for now. Hopefully, a new city manager will see past his lies too.

    Gonzalez, bye-bye. Here's hoping Blanchard isn't afraid of his own shadow like Jones was and continues to clean out the corruption.

  • Duckman posted at 9:03 am on Thu, Sep 27, 2012.

    Duckman Posts: 23

    How can it be congratulations to the Police Department so soon after Chief Blanchard and Asst. Chief Leal have taken command.

    Maybe after the termination of more substandard officers takes place the department will get more congratulations, and this time, not only from the county prosecutors but the citizeens of Aransas Pass as well.

    For almost 10 years, this police department has fallen back to the dark ages with their tactics. Threatening, lying to and about citizens, getting a grudge against an individual or a group of people. Not being here for the people but being here to bully citizens both the good ones as well as the bad ones.

    My family and I hope that with the firing of Mr. Gonzalez and Anderson that other bad apples will be brought out and get their just treatment as well.

    While I along with many other citizens think that these problems could have been properly handled by Jones and Haines, if they had cared to take care of business, but rather handled everything that came before them by ignoring the problem. It is not just these two who should be held responsible but the city council as well.

    Good work Chief Blandhard and Asst. Chief Leal, you are doing a wonderful job of making this city safe and a good place to live and work.